Branding a startup.

Squarewave is a startup developing a crowdfunding platform to finance green real estate projects, using blockchain technology.

The strategy approach helped to uncover the essence of the company, and go beyond the product of the startup to build a strong and coherent brand.


Brand strategy
Art Direction
Logo Design

Going beyond the product.

For every company or brand, we start with why. Why is the company there in the first place?

By doing so, we encovered the purpose of Squarewave: the company is born from a desire to be a strong contributor to the energy and ecological transition allowing everyone to invest in real estate projects with a strong eco-responsible dimension, with the following vision: buidling a more harmonious world of tomorrow between manking, its habitat and its environment.

It is the desire to get finance closer to projects eco-responsible, and give people the possibility to invest in what really matters: tomorrow.
Using Blockchain technology is, for the brand, a powerfull tool to get a more international and instant reach.

Key words: Nature – Futuristic – Harmony – Mouvement – Technology – Investment – Purity – Safety – Real Estate – Organic – Digital – Waves – Link/Blockchain.

Setting up the mood of the brand.

Moodboard building nature technology

The moodboard expresses the key words, and establishes a strong mood for the brand.
It showcases a green and white color representing Nature and Purity, combined with organic shapes to illustrate the link between Nature and Technology.

It sets the foundations of a clean and minimal Brand expression and Design.

Brand identity process startup
Business card mockup startup
Enveloppe mockup startup
Mockup advertising billboard startup
Mockup startup phone
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