Creativity has the power
to drive change.

I think this is what brands and companies should be doing: driving change by disrupting and inspiring. To achieve that, they must go beyond a product. They need a purpose. They must stand for something, and have something to express. They must be unafraid to answer deep questions first: why do we exist? What’s the meaning of our brand? What’s the core of who we are?

Revealing who you are.
Magnifying who you are.

Your brand is not just a logo. It is so much more. It is unique, with its own path. Within its core, it has its own buried treasure awaiting to shine. We just need to dig deep to explore and reveal what I describe as the soul of the brand. This soul-strategic approach will help us understand who your brand is, what its story, what its purpose, what’s its inner call. And then will help us working on your Brand expression. We first go inside, and then we go outside. With authenticity, we shape your brand to become memorable.

My years of experience both in agency and as an independent, have allowed me to meet a multitude of talents with whom I work today in partnership, to help you build your brand through 4 fundamentals axes.

1 - Strategy and Storytelling

We explore who you are to find what makes you unique, to understand your goals and audience to engage it emotionally.

We make your story the pillar of your brand strategy.

2 - Branding and Design

Once we have defined what makes you unique, we express it. We create your logo and identity system, that act as strong banners for your brand.

3 - Digital

websites, e-commerce, mobile application… we create unique digital experiences that help you reach your goals, reinforce your image and engage your audience.

4 - Advertising and Brand Content

Photographies, films, motion design; from concept to making, we create powerful campaigns and contents.

We magnify the truth.

Some of my clients.

Babolat logo
Tsonga Camp with Babolat logo
Universal Music logo
BV Sport logo
Cairn logo
CAT Ingénierie logo
Squarewave logo
Musiam Logo
CRL 10 logo


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