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CAT is a building engineering design office, born out of a desire for its founder, Cyril Barrault, to change the way in which the sector operates and manages.The expertise and reputation of Cyril, together with a small team of experienced engineers, allow the design office to act as a close partner for its customers.

The brand strategy shed light on what makes the heart of the company, helped define its personality in order to conceive its identity, to express its values ​​and bring a modern design and a disruptive touch to the sector of activity.


Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Logo Design

Finding the core of the company.

Exploring the history of CAT and the background of its founder allowed us to define the essence of the company.
For Cyril, starting a company is a more than business. It is an adventure, surrounded with people. It is the passion of sharing, building, passing on knowledge and striving for challenges with a strong taste for technique and innovation.

The company’s will to keep a small but talented team allows CAT to be very close to their client, and guide them step by step in the long process of construction sites.

We can wrap up the meaning of the company with one core message:
“Thinking, designing and innovating building together.”

Logo CAT Ingénierie

the company's values
through design.

Thinking. Designing. Innovating.
Those are the three verbs that describes the company. We express these key words within the logotype, with the full name of the company written on three lines.

The caesura of the word Inge-nierie represents the proximity, the link between the company and its clients. It is also the starting point of the contour of the logo giving it strenght with the squarish overall form. But the contour doesn’t close the logotype. It remains opened to showcase the openess and support of CAT for its clients.

Evolution du logo de CAT Ingénierie
Logo CAT Ingénierie et sa baseline
Messaging CAT Ingénierie
Identité visuelle CAT Ingénierie
Branding mockup
CAT Ingénierie site internet Homepage mockup
website mockup
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