Transforming a brand into an inspiration.

How to grow an existing brand since 1938, increase its visibility and engage its audience emotionally ?

In partnership with the agency Elements Groupe, we have defined a new brand strategy. Diving into Cairn’s history, we set up a new positioning, and a territory of authentic inspiring and unifying expression.


Brand Storytelling
Art Direction
Film scenario
Digital Design

Brand DNA : Protection, comfort and innovation,
to live your own adventure.

Man walking in snow with skis on his back Cairn Mark your Way

"Mark Your Way",
a new brand signature
that invites and inspires.

Like the block of stones left on the path by explorers to mark their passage, Cairn invites everyone to leave their mark. At the heart of the vastness of Nature, Cairn is a landmark, the imprint of a memory.

A strong signature that expresses the promise of the brand and its new positioning.

A delicate and inspiring Nature.

The brand expresses itself through visuals that invite to discovery and adventure. They evoke the sensoriality of a gentle and protective Nature, witness of the path taken by each to live his own adventure.

Man and woman walking up the mountain
Cairn under snow
Close up portrait of a man with emotional eyes
Website mockup sport homepage

A new webdesign.

Website mockup sport

The Cairn Stories :
a social network and influencers
strategy to build
a community.

The agency elements Groupe designed a strategy allowing the brand to invite its ambassadors to speak and tell their own adventures.

In the manner of a logbook, we retrace their journey.
A clean and minimal design supports the territory of expression of the brand.

Website mockup sport
Phone social media instagram mockup


Declinations and visual chart of the stories on Instagram.

Instagram stories mockup Sport
Social Media phone mockup instagram Sport

A Hashtag inviting everyone
to share their own adventures
and helping the community
to grow.


Client: Cairn
Agency: Elements Groupe
Account Director: Nolwenn Chetcuti
Art Director & Designer: Thomas Limouzin
Photographer: Steven Herteleer
Movie Director: Maël Sevestre

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